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The Egyptian-Arab Futures Research Association EAFRA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of individual and corporate think-tanks, devoted to the study and research of the futures in Egypt and the Arab region , in the framework of the global future scenarios.

EAFRA develops visions about alternative futures; the possible, the plausible and the preferable, in relation to the current and future changes and challenges, and the available choices. Thus it serves policy making.

Clients are the public (governmental) and private (non-governmental) organizations.

EAFRA provides future-oriented information for both the domestic and international markets.


Futures’ Consultation

  • Organizational and corporate foresight and strategic development.
  • Visionary leadership.
  • Governmental, national, regional and global foresight and development.
  • Futures’ Training

  • National and regional seminars, workshops and international forums.
  • Promoting the future learning community, and the future culture environment.
  • Training modules for corporates’ and businesses’ organizations.
  • Tailoring national undergraduate and postgraduate programs in futures studies and research.
  • Development

  • Develop scientific institutions interested in futures studies and methodology.
  • Develop Futures’ indicators.
  • Create models and scenarios for sustainable human development.
  • Manage research projects in the communication and information systems, Energy, cultural transformations and peace scenarios.
  • Projects

  • Franco-Egyptian partnership project, euro Prospective project (pendent).
  • EAFRA / Millennium Project (Washington DC).
  • Dar Al-Mashora (Kuwait).
  • Center of Future Studies (Assuit University, Egypt).
  • Arab Center for Strategic and Legal Studies (Egypt).
  • Giza Governorate (Egypt).
  • Who Will Benefit ?

    EAFRA is a member and partner of many international future networks, including the World Future Society (WFS , USA) , World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF , Australia) , the Millennium Project of the United Nations University (Washington DC) , euro Prosepectives (France).
    It relies on a cross- and multidisciplinary think-tanks of wide competence, among university and other institutional professionals. The annual forums bring eminent experts of local, regional, and international reputation, together with participants of the whole-range of professions, specializations, and interests.


    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Kamal Zaky Mahmoud Shaeer Aly President

      Founder and Ex-Director FRSC, Cairo Univ., Chairperson-Cairo Node, Professor of Medicine.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Mohamed Dia Zaher Vice-President

      Education Science.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Wahid Abdulla Treasurer

      Chemistry , Cairo Univ.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Atef Sherif Member

      Director – Remote Sensing Institution, Cairo Univ.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Ahmed Shawki Member

      Prof. of Genetics - Zagazig Univ.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr.Ismail Al-Shatti Member

      Director - Dar Al-Mashora, Al-Salmiyah, Kuwait.

    • Author image
      Prof. Dr. Hany Gohar Member

      Animal Science and Health, Cairo Univ.